Living Mortgage-Free

The great Australian dream is of course, to own your own home. As young adults, we start a family and look for a house that the bank says we can afford. For many this is a 4-bedroom house in the suburbs. We take out crippling 30-year mortgages and invariably sacrifice important family time so we can work crazy hours to make the mortgage repayments and buy the things we need to survive.

Just as we begin to make headway in paying down our mortgage, we feel the need to upgrade our house to allow for a growing family, or just moving to a “better neighbourhood”. To accomplish this, we sell our house paying a real estate agent many thousands of dollars in commission and buy a more expensive house costing even more thousands of dollars in stamp duty and moving expenses. The worst part of this process is we then take out a new, even larger mortgage, we are faced with having to pay it off over another 30 years.

This process keeps repeating itself.

No wonder the number one fear of adults over 50 is “how in the world am I going to pay off my mortgage and fund a decent retirement, all in the next 10-15 years?”

Being mortgage free consistently ranks in the top 3 reasons people choose to own a tiny home.

More than just a Tiny Home

Our mission is to deliver beautiful, spacious and affordable Tiny homes for anyone who dreams about an independent free life.