Having a dedicated home office because you are now working from home

With the onset of Covid, many employers have requested their staff work from home.  In addition, there has been an explosion in Home Based Businesses.

Most people in this situation are utilising a small 3m X 3m spare bedroom in their home, if they are fortunate enough to even have a spare bedroom.  Work-from-home employees invariably spend much of their day in a small, dingy bedroom, wishing they could afford to renovate their home to add a light filled, enjoyable, fully functional office. 

This is why many people in this situation are buying Tiny Homes and parking them in their yards.  In the morning, they leave the house as normal, walk a few metres, and open up their beautiful office.  They are comforted to know that if their work situation changes in the future, and they no longer need a separate office, the Tiny Home can easily be retasked to serve many other needs.  Tiny Homes are also easily relocated to a new property should the family decide to move.

More than just a Tiny Home

Our mission is to deliver beautiful, spacious and affordable Tiny homes for anyone who dreams about an independent free life.