Eco-friendly off-grid Living – Reducing our Footprint

No matter where someone sits on the debate of climate change, everyone agrees that living tiny is good for our planet, and it is up to us to reduce our footprint, so the world we leave to our children is at least as healthy as the one we have enjoyed.

So why are tiny homes so eco friendly?

  1. Fewer Materials:
    Smaller houses need fewer building materials. Just one example of this is a traditional 4-bedroom house requires 6 truck loads of timber compared to a tiny home which uses less than 1 truck load. Obviously, this drastically reduces the need to harvest trees.
  2. Reduced Energy Use:
    86% of the total environmental impact of any house is due to its energy use.  This includes heating, cooling, and lighting.  A standard 240m2 house consumes 12,773 kilowatt hours of energy per year.  A 17.2m2 tiny home uses only 914 kilowatt hours per year, much of which can be supplied by solar, if installed.
  3. Fewer Appliances: 
    Because tiny homes have reduced space to use as storage, there is not the need for endless unnecessary appliances, many of which were only used a few times before they were relegated to the back corners of a hard to get at cupboard. – Think bread maker, popcorn maker, iced-cream maker or panini maker. 
  4. Less Time Spent Indoors: 
    Universally, people living in Tiny Homes spend drastically less time indoors, and more time outdoors.  Living indoors costs money.  Living outdoors is healthier and free.
  5. Connection with the environment: 
    Spending more time outside interacting with the environment, leads to a general sense of appreciation for the outdoors, and this in turn leads to a feeling of one’s responsibility to be a good custodian of the environment.

More than just a Tiny Home

Our mission is to deliver beautiful, spacious and affordable Tiny homes for anyone who dreams about an independent free life.